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December 30, 2015

Important Components For Great Web Design

When you start designing your new website, many things come to mind. Often, for inexperienced web designers, this can get overwhelming. Here are a few components that can help you organize your web design process.



Make sure you use a color palette that works with your brand. You don’t want your website to have hot pinks and baby blues when the rest of your brand consists of navy blue and yellow! Using free tools like Adobe’s Color can help you settle on the right colors that will match and compliment the palette you are using.



Keep it simple. Have an array of 2-3 fonts for different aspects of your site. Keep all your headers in the same font, all your body content in another. Consistency in your websites typography will ensure consistency in your brand and make sure your viewers are getting the best experience out of your website. Side note: Use simpler fonts; try not to use fonts that people need to strain their eyes to see and that all web browsers are able to show.



Use clean, high quality images on your website. Using different tools available for free and paid use, applying filters can make any old picture appear to be a professional photoshoot.


Be Consistent!

You don’t want one page on your site to vary too much from the next! This keeps a flow to your website and ultimately giving your users the best experience possible on your website.